Kalash Welfare is a UK based charity working for the Kalash people of North West Pakistan. We do not dictate what the funds we raise are used for, instead we help our Kalash friends with their existing projects. At the forefront of our Kalash friends' minds is the importance of keeping their culture alive whilst also working with their non Kalash neighbors. Integral to all our projects is the importance of maintaining peaceful relations in what has become a volatile region. Recent projects have included an online Kalash forum, the private education of a young Kalash boy and a course in IT teaching for a Kalash girl, we have also funded medicine distribution projects and the expenses incurred by one off medical emergencies. Extra to our charitable work we have facilitated a month of filming for a documentary crew in the Kalash Valleys, advised academics concerning the Kalash and sat on a discussion panel as part of London's Himalaya Festival.