Donate by Cheque or Transfer

Donate by Cheque:

Please write cheques to The Kalash People's Welfare Society and post them to
Kalash Welfare
8 Grove Park

Donate by Transfer:

Kalash People's Welfare Society

Sort code:202923

Account number: 50092010

£50 Would pay for one years correspondence between Krakal Primary School and a London school.

£200 Would pay for a year's worth of medications for Krakal Primary School .

£300 Would pay for Nabaig to take his IELTS English test.

£400 Would pay for a one month IT course for a Kalash teacher.

£800 Would pay for a British teacher to visit the Kalash and teach a short course.

£1000 Would pay for a year's accommodation and tuition for one pupil in a in a private secondary school.

£2000 Would pay for a school trip around Pakistan for 10 pupils.

£5000 Would provide the initial funding to start a goat herding subsidy.

For more information on the above please see the 'Projects' section of the site.