Krakal Primary School

Kalash Welfare's liaison in the Kalash valleys is Wali Khan Kalash. Wali Khan is the headmaster of Krakal Primary School; a Kalasha language medium state school. Most of the money raised by Kalash welfare goes towards his projects.

In 2008 we supplied Bumboret Primary School with a donation of £500 for basic medicines. The medicines brought with this are about to run out (Summer 2011) and we hope to ensure a steady donation of 200 per year to cover basic medicines for the pupils of the school.

We are building a fund which aims to send the most gifted pupil from Krakal to a private school where he or she will be able to pursue a career such as medicine, engineering or law. Currently we sponsor one Kalash boy in private education. A year in a decent private school in Pakistan costs about £700.

School Trips
Wali Khan would also like to be able to take his pupils on field trips. Wali Khan's school has no funds for trips and nor do his pupil's parents. As a conscientious teacher Wali Khan feels the need to show his pupils the places he teaches them about such as the commercial hub and super-port of Karachi, the great museum in Lahore or the Parliament in Islamabad. A School trip of this sort for 10 pupils, both Muslim and Kalasha would cost around £2,000. We plan to fund such a trip once every two years.

Computer Training
Thanks to the generosity of a Polish couple Wali Khan has built and equipped a computer lab in Krakal village. However, the level of IT training amongst teachers in the area is minimal. We have sponsored a young Kalash woman to undertake IT training in Islamabad, however we would like to send more teachers on IT courses. This would cost approximately £300 per teacher.

We are planning to set up a pen pal system between a London School and Krakal Primary School. Around £50 per annum would be needed to cover the costs of postage from Pakistan to the UK. There are also several British teachers who have expressed an interest in visiting Krakal Primary School to teach sort courses on subjects such as art or engineering. Transport and visas for a teacher would cost £700 and accommodation for two weeks would come to £100.

Krakal Primary School