Kalash Welfare

The Kalash Valleys have a history of involvement with NGOs. Most of the NGO work in the Kalash Valleys has been ambitious and broad reaching. Kalash Welfare, despite its all encompassing title is modest in its objectives. The charity was founded by a handful of Kalash under the title, The Kalash Welfare Society, since shortened to Kalash Welfare. The UK side of Kalash Welfare operates exclusively to fund projects suggested by the Kalash. We do not dictate what the funds raised in the UK are used for, however we are keen to avoid aggravating tensions between Muslims and Kalash, to this end we try to distribute funds to both Kalash and Muslims living in the Kalash Valleys.

The majority of our funding so far has gone to the Kalash whom we have built up friendships with through trips to the Kalash Valleys and more recently through online social networking. Our aim has been to help individuals develop their projects, careers and education. To this end we have funded on line Kalash forums, the private education of a young Kalash boy and a course in IT teaching for a Kalash girl, we have also funded medicine distribution projects and the expenses incurred by one off medical emergencies. Extra to our charitable work we have facilitated a month of filming for a documentary crew in the Kalash Valleys, advised academics concerning the Kalash and sat on a discussion panel as part of London's Himalaya Festival.