Nabaig, First Kalash Lawyer

Nabaig Kalash recently graduated with a law degree from the University of Peshawar, making him the first and only Kalash lawyer. He now practices in the town of Chitral which is the administrative centre of the region. All of the work he does for the Kalash is pro bono. It is very important that the Kalash have legal representation, especially because during the past 60 years they have had land illegally taken from them.

Nabaig argues that he will be much more effective in his pro bono work if he is granted the status afforded by an LLM. An LLM is a legal postgraduate degree and an LLM from a British university carries a great deal of clout in Pakistan.

We are currently pursuing a British Council Chevening Scholarship for Nabaig, a scholarship which would cover all his costs for a year of study in the UK.

 Nabaig the Lawyer     
 Nabaig the Shepherd